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About Us

USA Kempo Academy provides quality instruction in Kempo karate martial arts.


Kempo Karate is derived from Shaolin Kung Fu and is a close contact form of self-defense.


In addition to self-defense techniques, Kempo karate fosters spiritual growth and character building.

The discipline promotes focus, awareness of surroundings, balance, confidence building as well as the benefits of physical fitness.


USA Kempo Karate encourages people of all ages to participate, beginning at age 4 with students into their 70’s!



Our Goal

USA Kempo Academy promotes character in all of our students.



Our goal is to provide our students with confidence while teaching respect.



USA Kempo Academy fosters a learning environment to allow students of all ages to practice their skills in a safe, controlled environment.



We are proud to offer children’s classes, adult classes and family classes to meet the needs of all of our students. Private lessons are also available.





The Three Rules

As part of our curriculum, students are required to learn, The Three Rules.


Children recite the Three Rules at the beginning of each class as a reminder to use the rules everyday, in and out of the dojo.


尊重 Respect

Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated


自我控制 /自我控制 Self Control

 Always Control Your Behavior.


自我訓練 /自律  Self Discipline

Always Do The Right Thing No Matter What Without Being Told

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